P2P investigative software

A program to get information about shared files on Ares Network.

No expensive hardware required.
Easy to use, running on windows .

No installation required.

Portable version.

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What are other people saying?

2014 August-15

Thanks for all the information Frank, I appreciate all the help!

2014-August 13
Thanks very much, Frank!  This is excellent (export excel)

2014 August 13
I appreciate this information and your explanation of everything.
This will really help as I construct my report.
These two DAT files are good stuff.
Thanks again for your time.  This is great help and although I’ve been through this before I just like to cover my bases and make sure I understand everything.

2014 August 13
The new export function works great.  I get all the hash values in a single column, I was not getting this previously.
Thank you!

2014 August 13
Frank, you didn’t need to do this!    You are way too accommodating.
I thank you very much

2014 July 29
Thanks, Frank!  The update is very nice. 

2014 July 5
That is what I was looking for and I will grabe the shared h info from the help file. That was really the only two questions so far. Thanks for your help and your great software.

2014 july 5
I used ares decypter and love it. I have a trial coming up and the shared h file is a key piece of evidence.

2014 June 22
Thank you Frank.  I used the tool in a case right before going to deposition a few days ago.  The tool generated a lot of evidentiary data that I was able to demonstrate to the defense attorneys.  The tool made a huge difference in my presentation. Just wanted to let you know that. 

2014 May 20
Just a quick thank you - used the tool at a series of searches last week - all ares related and the tool worked great.
 thanks again

2014 May 16
Thank you for an excellent and extremely useful tool!

2014 April  30
Thanks so much Frank.  This has been one of the best tools we have used in the field.  Money well spent!

2014 April 30
Excellent!  Thank you again for all of your help!

2014 Aprl 25
I have your Ares Decrypter program and LOVE it!! Thank you for all your work on that!!!

2014 April 23
Thanks so much for all of your help Frank.  Your software is working perfectly and assisting me with my investigation as we speak!

2014 April 22
Fantastic. We appreciate your hard work and thank you for your quick response. Take care.

2014 April 21
I managed to carve partial entries of share*.dat and your software managed to decrypt those partial entries. The only thing I had to do was renaming the files accordingly and feed them one by one to your wonderful software. Splendid work with the software senior Frank, glad to see it can be used to track prior Ares installs.

2014 April 9
Thanks Frank...You are the best, I have heard so much good stuff about this tool I can't wait to get results tomorrow

2013 November 19
You have the fastest email response I've ever experienced ! Thank-You again for your excellent work.

2013 November 19
hello frank, thanks for the tool ... I did some tests is really fantastic ...

2013 October 17
Thanks in advanced.  You have been a BIG help!

2013 September 5
Great tool and I appreciate your work.

2013 august 10
Thank you.  My tech guys are raving about your product.

2013 July 17
Thank you so much and thanks for responding to some of the questions that the forensic agents had inquired about the program.

2013 July 17
The programs works great per  Forensics Agents feedbacks.
2013 July 15
Thank you for your prior assistance and I’ve really enjoyed the ease of the decrypter tool, now that my lab has purchased the license. 

2013 July 11
I am using your Ares evidence tool and I will want to let you know it is a very useful tool.
Thank you sir for taking the time to help me.  Take care.

2013 June 24
Thanks Frank, this helps a lot. It's pretty clear this guy moved his collection to an external drive (his wife and kids also used the same computer). Unfortunately, the investigator did not find the extra drive but we do have enough to charge him with possession and distribution. The Ares files will be very important if we go to trial to show that there were many additional files that had, at one point, been on the computer.
Thanks again.

2013 June 21

Thanks Frank !
The program is amazing !  It really helped us out on several search warrants we executed last week !
We will be using it on every Ares case from now on.
Take care,

2013 June 16
Yes, thanks Frank. It worked perfectly. One more offender off the street.

2013 may 23
"Got everything worked out and started using decrypter on a case yesterday. It's amazing the data you get from the shared folders. I had one with over 400 entries but the share.dat file was only a few kb is size. Very impressed.
Thanks again"

2013 may 22
"Thank you Frank.  Works great, I really appreciate it."

2013 may 15
"Thanks Frank.
The software is working great – it has proven to be extremely beneficial. Thanks again!"

2013 may 2
"Everything works great! Thanks for the quick response and thanks for the great tool! It’s going to make a huge difference in my case. Can’t thank you enough!"
2013 march 6
"From using EnCase and the demo version, it was obvious how well your software worked on the ShareH and ShareL folders.
I do forensic exams on a lot of the cases initiated by ... and the Homeland Security Investigation agents, and with Ares appearing to gain popularity in this area, your software will be an excellent tool to have.

It seems Ares Decrypter can also be ran on a live machine? If true (yes it is), that will be awesome for our on-site previews."  

2013  februari 28
"Program and license both received and tested. It does everything I need it to thank you. "

2013 februari 13
"Thanks for the easy license mechanism, we'll honor it."

2013 februari 5
"New version worked great! Thanks!"

2013 januari 31
"This is a very good tool!"

2013 januari 11
"Great, thank you for your help!
This software gave me exactly what I needed for my case."

2013 januari 8
"Got it, thanks, I knew it would all work out, glad to do business with you and what a great tool.
Thanks again."

2013 januari 8
"Your program works great.  Thank you and please sent an invoice."

2013 januari 3
"Yes I did finish my case, it worked great, I forwarded the results of the tool along with the price quote up the chain of command and still waiting approval, I know our Federal Agent with ICE was going to purchase one and if I don't hear soon I'm going to just pay for it myself."

2012 december 7
"I used the Demo yesterday and it was like 'WOW', the case was a Roundup P2P case using Ares, the suspect a prior sex offender was not home during the search warrant, we had five running computers in the house, the suspect was running Windows 8 and was remotely trading from his Tablet with an App., I used the decrypter and within minutes had enough evidence confirming files downloaded, GUID, SHA1 and user name."

2012 december 7

"It's a great software, and we thank you for the help."

2012 december 4
Well worth the small fee.Used it again today and as usual it worked flawlessly.

2012 november 29
"By the way your program is awesome.  Several of us in the office have had to work Ares case and used your program."

2012 november 27
"Works very well. I like the additional values that you have been able to decrypt from the NTUSER.dat
I crossed checked it with your old version and results have been validated on my case
Thanks a bunch"

2012 november 12
I have seen the video of Ares Decrypter and I am impressed.  I am very interested in this tool. 

2012 november 12
Again this has been a great tool for us and has helped tremendously with investigations.  Thanks for the work you did.

2012 november 8
"Frank,  I used your trial software and was very happy with the results. I would like to buy the personal license without time limitation. ($60)"

2012 october 15
"greatly appreciate the license in advance of the payment.  "

2012 october 3
Some of the guys that I went to a forensics class with said your software was excellent

2012 september 27
The program did very well.   I submitted the PO, and it is currently waiting on Accounting.

2012 august 29
We have been using the program in demo mode, and have found it very useful. I would like to order the company license.

2012 august 22
"The tool parsed out the search terms and the decryption of the ShareH and ShareL files was awesome.  It provided the insight for the a good interview in which the suspect confessed, so another bad one off the streets."

2012 august 20
Don't forget to send the bill. I am loving it on this case I am working. Lots of good stuff.  I mounted the eo1 and pointed the tool at the users ntuser.dat file and as advertised I have wonderful search terms

2012 july 31
Frank, Thanks, I enjoyed the insight in your explanation.  No answer other than your tool.  Good reviews from the investigators out there.  Thanks for the one week trial.
I used the trial and it decoded good information for the case.  It will help as the suspect deleted the actual videos.

2012 july 11
Frank, your ares decrypter was an excellent tool and helped us with getting this child molester indicted. Thanks for your assistance.

2012 may 29
I just used your program and it seems to work very well. 
2012 may 16
Thank you! Ares decypter has been a great help in my investigation!

This program must not under any circumstances be used for any commercial purposes.
It is not allowed to distribute this software without permission

This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from http://maxmind.com

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This software is provided "as is", without any warranties, expressed or implied.

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